Monday, January 31, 2011

Well Hello Monday

Most people hate Monday but I can say that me and Monday are good. I didn't like it when it meant the beginning of school but now that I am a mother of 3 I love it. I love the weekends with no homework and events and relaxed family time but oh... the magic of being up at 6:50 and out the door at 7:30 with my brood is magical. After we drop Savannah who is ecstatic to see her friends at school and her teachers by Monday we head straight to Del Norte so I can run off the hedonism I have surely indulged over the weekend. Monday is the day I am most likely to cook, clean, excercise, organize, get my to do list done, etc. I never do all that but I get much more done on Mondays. So here's to you Monday. I ran 8 miles this morning, grocery shopped and settled Caro and Collin in the play room with toys and The Lion King. Next I'm going to waste time on the internet while I eat my lunch and put on my Ipod with a brand new Audiobook and try to straighten up this pig sty.

The Pics are at request of Mimi who wanted to see Haircuts we got this weekend. We are headed to Supercuts again today to tweak Savannah and Caro's bangs.


Lauren said...

Savannah's hair is soooo cute!!

Regina said...

so cute - love Saavy's hair. Looks like Caro's has thickened up.

Lauren said...

Caro looks like she has more than 4 hairs now!!